Fasting Can Pregnant Women?

Fasting month is a month full of blessings, the best month in which the blessings and mercy always gushing from the Almighty. In the fasting month of all the people in the world muslim required to perform fasting for 30 days. Withstand any form of eating, drinking, and lust from start imsyak until breaking time […]

Tips On Choosing The Best Food For Babies

¬†After 6 months, your baby is enough now ready to be given complementary foods other than breast milk is consumed only during this time.   Why six months? This is because the digestive system to the baby has started is ready to receive the type and texture of other foods that are denser than in […]

Tips for Choosing Safe Sleep Position For Infants

For babies sleep has many benefits, in addition to stimulate baby brain development, growth hormone is also released when the baby is sleeping. With the baby sleeping soundly then the baby’s brain growth can run optimally so that one day your baby can grow up smart. But it must also be accompanied by stimulation and […]

Why Watch Exact Age of Children?

Increasing age will make children have different abilities. However most children are fascinated by the kind of toys that parents can not force if the toy is a child’s favorite toy. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with the kind of toys that are favored by children. However parents should steer the game to suit his […]

Benefits Of Gaming For Growth This Year

The children’s ability to experience growth in the period of the gold that children under the age of five years. Golden age period is the child has reached 80% of brain development occurs and one child’s lifetime. The right coaching strongly advised to obtain good developments emotional, mental, social, intellectual and moral well. Thus the […]